Today I overheard my husband and daughter discussing descriptive words.  “The apple is juicy.”  “The sun is bright.”  “Mommy is tired.” (That was my contribution.)  What a drag, I thought, I am always describing myself as tired.  But then I realized, you know what, that is okay, and truly my new, short term normal.  Married, working full time, mom to a toddler and 2 month old, sure, tired? Fair enough.  I don’t need to be bummed about that.  I can officially stop lamenting the lost sleep that leaves me tired.  As the phrase that made it around the world goes, “it is, what it is.”  I’m tired.  Yet I still have life and life to the full!  I just have a full, abundant life and happen to be tired.  It is all about perspective.  I have simplified my expectations though:  Each day I aim to:

a) be kind to people

b) think about scripture

c) drink water

d) take a walk

e) write

Nothing fancy, no Herculean menu planning or housework. No desire to climb any corporate ladder.

I pray each day to have just enough ooomphh to exist contentedly in Him – to be loving to those around me, and to acknowledge Him as the consistent Provider of both abundant lives and the power to press on.