A modern day summary of Luke 1:

Gabriel appears before Zechariah, and shares God’s vision for his future son
Zechariah asks, how can it be?
Gabriel says you don’t believe, I shut your mouth.
Elizabeth delivers a boy that prepares the way for Jesus.
Zechariah speaks, the crowds marvel.

That would be interesting if God sealed my mouth each time I doubted Him. While Gabriel has not appeared to me, I too have received important messages. Mine come as a gentle whisper in the wee hours, when I am doubtfilled and consoling a screaming infant. In these moments, I have 2 paths, I can scream with him, bark at my husband, and lament how I will function at the office in a few hours. I have tried that path. OR I can ask for practical guidance and be ready to listen.

Here are some recent conversations:

Me: How can I be nice to people and have any brain power on such little sleep?!
God: Just focus on being nice to people, I’ll provide the needed answers for you. Anyone can be a cranky jerk, I have set you apart to be pleasent. (I’m the one that always gives you the answers, anyway, remember?)

Me: I am going to look like a hot mess, I don’t know if I am coming or going.
God: You’re going 🙂
1) Shower
2) Find clothes free of baby puke
3) Use the eyeliner and lipstick I’ve provided (it helps you look awake).

Me: This baby has provided some budget bombs!
God: Don’t I always provide? I got this. I’m the One that put him here in the first place.

God worked beyond Zechariah’s wildest dreams, but it wasn’t until he was foced into silence that he could fully appreciate God’s creation.

I don’t have crowds that marvel, but I do have His assurance, and that makes me marvel. As long as my mouth isn’t sealed, that’s something to talk about!