The whole house will never all be clean, all at the same time, ever again. Or at least for several years. That’s not shocking. What is a pleasant surprise is that my hyper annoying type A personality is falling into submission with this reality. With babies, comes new time management, or really that time is constantly under new management. Practically, this means that several tasks may be partially done at any given moment. Oh, the sink may be free of dishes, but those crumbs on the stove, they’ll have to wait. The toys may be tackled, but the vacuuming, not so much. When it comes to washing and drying clothes, I’m a beast! Yet we comfortably retrieve folded clothes from baskets on a regular basis (its the putting away that is a real drag). My new reality is I leave several tasks halfway done as they are interrupted, or really, given a back seat to feedings, potty breaks, story reading, errand running, tickling, bill paying, going to work, or all around silliness.

I used to be the type that partial completion bugged the crap out of me. My sense of self worth came from tasks on a list being crossed off. If they are partially done, well, they should get some acknowledgement, but without completion, they can’t be crossed off, so what to do with such ambiguity?

Outside of the workplace, I have thrown lists out all together 🙂 And I have great peace with this. I was recently reminded that perfect peace, even with partial completion, is not only possible, it is promised when facing the best Source.

Isaiah 26:3
You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.