Proverbs 10:19  “When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise.”

“Chatty” is not a word used to describe my hubby.  Its not that he doesn’t talk, he just does it pointedly, most words measured.  You’re often left wanting more, a little clarification on an earlier comment.  And with inquiry, you get it, just what he thought, nothing more, nothing less.  With the exception of some tense moments on a football field, he doesn’t “run his mouth,”  or often have to apologize for an untamed tongue.  Gossip has no appeal to him, a complete waste of time.  In appreciating this about him, I also reflect on tomorrow’s celebration of Memorial Day and pause to give thanks for all those that previously and currently protect our freedoms.  The freedom of speech is incredible.  But just like all freedoms, we need not  go to extremes….just because I can say it, doesn’t mean I should.  Freedom of speech is not justification to say hurtful words.  Stressful situations are not the springboard to celebrate freedom of speech and let the words roll.

I am thankful to the soldiers who guard our spiritual freedoms and the opportunity for us to access the Bible at anytime.  Within it, we have a promise that fruit comes from a freedom to use fewer words.