When I entered adulthood, I secretly became a summertime scrooge.  I mean, once your done with schooling, unless your a teacher, the summertime isn’t all that great, its just like any other time of the year, wake up early, dress up, go to work.

And now, ironically, I am married to a teacher and crucifying the summertime scrooge.  (I used to think, what a drag, he gets to sleep in, the whole household is peacefully sleeping in, and I am going to work. )  But no more!  Its kind of like that scripture where Paul learns to be content in all circumstances, whether with plenty or in want.  Because with adulthood also comes reality.  Instead of “what a drag,” I say, “thank you God that I have a job, and we can pay the water bill.”  Also,  I am a fan of eating.   Kind of have to work to buy groceries.

And I respect my teacher spouse so much that it is enough to have him home while I go to work.  Most teachers work a bazillion more hours than most people realize.  In my opinion, it is flat exhausting having to be that nice to other people kids that consistently, for that long. (I don’t think it’s my calling).  Plus, a lot of teachers, while working a bazillion hours educating, also work side jobs since teaching never has been and never will be lucrative.

So this summer, I am chill and letting my hair down, enjoying the fact that come Monday morning, only one of us REALLY needs clean underwear.  I am encouraging my teacher hubby to relax and catch up with guy friends and do stuff he enjoys.  I am so grateful for the extra time I have to visit with him.   And I am learning a lot from my 3 year old.

We went to Walmart tonight, potty stop first.  “Oh, Mommy! They have super flush toilets!”  I forget that when you are 3, automatic flush toilets are incredibly cool.  I forget the simplicity and joy that God creates in little kids, probably to help melt the scroogie adult hearts like mine.  Yes, child, Amen!  Amen to automatic super flushing toilets!  We won’t do Disney this summer, or the beach, or anything exotic, anytime soon. In fact, it will be a long time before we vacation.  But you know what, that is totally cool.  Because we are content.  We will embrace each opportunity to celebrate automatic flush toilets.  We will frolic in local parks and just hang out together.  We left Walmart with diapers, formula, beer, and a kiddie pool.

Hello Summer to us, Indeed 🙂