I’ve recently been reminded of how attractive my husband is as the spiritual leader of our household.    We have had a lot more spontaneous Bible talk dates lately,  where we exchange things from the scriptures that resonate with us.  Having two young kids has challenged the concept of date nights, generally, but I’ve gotten better at parting with the kids to make them happen (much appreciated by hubby :)).  Fun is essential, and so are Bible talk dates, it reminds us of when we were dating: we knew we both loved God, and also knew we didn’t know a whole lot about much else, but would learn it together.  I actually remember thinking, “this would be a good guy to marry, in addition to loving God, he has a job, knows how to rent an apartment, buy a vehicle, and balance a checkbook.  Lets do this.” What a blessing, one not to be taken for granted, that 11 years later, that this still holds true.  I’ve even gotten a little bit better at balancing the checkbook.