I am lucky to have relationships with older, wiser women and have picked up some of their nuggets of wisdom. 7 of these I choose to live now:

1) Always persue the opportunity to learn something new. Who cares how old, or how young you are. (My mom started graduated school at age 50).

2) Embrace the chaos that is guaranteed with raising children, (it’s a natural byproduct- like how trees give off oxygen.) Moms who spend too much energy rejecting this chaos are often uptight and boring.

3) If you have to choose between brilliance and kindness, choose kindness. There will always be those who think they are smarter than you anyway, and the world doesn’t need another jerk.

4) Friends should not leave you feeling insecure about your wallet, clothes, home, or career. If they do, make yourself whole and find new friends.

5) Christianity is not an “escape from life’s doo-doo” card. Moreover, the world is watching how you react to the dung piles that will come. Cling to the good friends you develop from rule 4 to help you through.

6) Never take people for granted.

7) Read a book, ride a horse, dig in dirt, run, whatever helps establish inner balance is not optional. Lovingly communicate to your household that this must happen or Mommy becomes a crazy ogre and then all suffer.