When Jesus calls his first followers, fishermen, some versions explain that they were “mending their nets.” This confirms a significant life truth – anything worth doing takes continual maintenance to improve. Rarely do those who are considered successful simply plateau at a particular accomplishment. As fishermen, they had to maintain their nets to ensure they were in top working order. The same is true with their new purpose of fishing for men. Discipleship takes maintaining to ensure a close walk with God.

However too often Christians respond to the church in two different ways, a) they have either “arrived” and are ready to chill: the former glory days is where their net was active, now its been retired or b) they hold out on serving until they reach some level of “super Christian” (that really doesn’t exist). Sadly, their net hangs in the shadows collecting dust and cobwebs until a fictitious expectation is realized (never).

God loves us dearly, we are His cherished possessions, but that doesn’t mean there are plaques for “Christian of the Month” where service is touted and celebrated. Service is expected. Likewise, the earth is not limited by worldly thinking where service is conditional on specific talent, everyone is good at something.

Now is always a good time for mending your net.