Spiritually speaking, if our citizenship is in Heaven, then does it matter where and with who we worship?  What of our spiritual homes while on earth….what of spiritual homelessness?

 A Christ centered fellowship harkens us to keep a Heavenward focus, and our worship pure.  While thinking about this post, I read the following quote:

 ·         “We must establish that worship is about our focusing on God, not God focusing on us. Most adults attend worship services with one dominant person on their mind: themselves. Before people can worship God, they must see how crucial it is to focus their attention on the Being they have allegedly come to worship.” – George Barna

 A Christ centered fellowship directs us back to God in our words, thoughts, and actions.  When Christ is the foundation, we have shelter from the storms of worldliness, our hearts soften to pursue righteousness,  and we are spurred on towards good deeds.

 I love writing and talking about God.  Sooner than later, please.  I am not a fan of superficiality; there is benefit to either saying what you mean, or remaining quiet.   While meeting new people within fellowships recently, I learned I am pretty much “nicely-blunt.” Meaning, I will probably tell you what is on my mind, but I’ll be sweet about it.  (I think it’s my Yankee roots merging with my decade long exposure to the South.)  Practically, in fellowship, this means, let us get to the heart, the focus, the reason why we come, read, pray.  What excites you about God, what are you learning, thinking, questioning, wrestling/chewing on?  Never mind that we’ve only known each other for 5 minutes, lets talk about Who we are really here for.

 Recently, during a dinner party amongst adults and several toddlers, (those types are always appropriately chaotic – (ie: “oh, look there is now a taco on the floor”-) a new friend posed a question directly to me: “what do you remember thinking when learning about the cross for the first time?”  The question, for a moment, caught me off guard; I was lost in a brief moment of refreshment from her direct and inquiring comment.  What a good meat and potatoes question.     We had not already broached the general pleasantries typically covered before getting deep.  I have no idea how long she has been married, whether she has siblings, her favorite color, what kind of vehicle she drives.  But I deeply appreciate her efficiency.    We both had young offspring pulling on us throughout the night, our conversations detoured to retrieve someone from the top of the bunk bed, run to the potty, clean taco up off the floor.    Particularly for moms juggling work and multiple kids, there is no better time like the present, when fellowshipping, then to get to the point.  Christ is always the point.  And, so, my appreciation for Christ centered fellowship grows.

 It’s not a coffee bar or the fancy bells and whistles I look for when walking into a fellowship.  It is Christ.