This Fall’s football season is different than any other for our household.  Not because there is anything different with football per se, but this time, I have a thing too. Something that I think about ALOT and daydream about doing when I am not actually engaged.  Writing.  The blissful conglomeration of words in purposeful succession to make sense of the ramblings in my brain.  Sweet Jesus! Momma’s got a hobby.

Blogging.  Sweet Blogging.

Its not that I couldn’t have a hobby all these years.  My hubs, who has always been good at having hobbies, has always encouraged it.  Truth be told, I think I was a bit too TyPe A-ish.  Hobbies were for other people, not me, I was too busy.  So that made me busy, tired, and kind of boring.  If I sat still too long, I’d fall asleep.  Actually for several years, I considered sleeping a hobby.  But then having children kind of beat that out of me.  Sleep is not a hobby, it is merely a passage of time where you are not physically taking care of someone, and sometimes you awake refreshed, other times not so much.

A wise woman once told me the more kids you have, the more you should carve out time to improve yourself.  You’re asked to stretch every waking minute to meet the needs of others, one can not fail to emotionally, intellectually, and physically feed the mind, soul, brain – stomach!   Parenting is a privilege, blessing, treasure, and sometimes solicitation to the loony bin.  With all the incredibleness of it, motherhood is not a hobby.  I love my little beings.  I love writing.   I am a better person when allowed to express love for both.

And I think I am a more interesting and respectful wife.  Because now, this Fall, we both have things that excite, entertain, motivate us.  Sure, I believe that with marriage, two become one, but when both have hobbies, we are a more interesting amalgamation.    Communication and intimacy of the family unit are not available for compromise, but everybody deserves a time doing what they love.  Everybody’s hobby doesn’t require everybody’s attention, but it does deserve respect.  My hubs subscribes to my blogs, but doesn’t always read them, I know where his football books are, but I don’t open them, nor shall my eyes ever traverse his copious notes outlining game strategy.  We know the important basic – we both need our respective time to do our thing.

Currently, the baby is hollering and drooling, (what he loves), the pre-Ker is building a fort with couch cushions, and the hubs is about to review football film for an upcoming game.    All is as it should be.