Hello Dear Person who found my writing interesting at least once :)

Quick heads up that I’ve done a little organizing – while the creativity explodes from within, the little left brained voice also joins in and calls for organization and delineation. I want to ensure that content I put on each blog fits within the purposed theme of the blog.  Chances are, if you are following a blog then at some point for a brief moment, you liked what you read, how aggravating to start being fed content that you sincerely have no interest.   (Inbox and reader clutter bugs….I shall not be).  So, here is a quick rundown of what to expect on each blog:

 Happy Small Church –

happysmallchurch.wordpress.com:  Celebrating the journey of growing a small church – stuff in the Bible that excites me relative to studying it, and applying it within fellowship

 Tired Christian Working Mom –

tiredchristianworkingmom.wordpress.com:  A Tired Mom Looks to Him to Power Through – Christianity, Parenting, Work Life Balance (or the battle to not be a crazy, mean, parenting/employee ogre.)

 Write To The Full –

writetothefull.wordpress.com:  Writing on Writing & Other Musings –Intrigue of writing about writing and other fun life stuff.

Happy Reading!