Ignorance is a bogus platform to make decisions. On the topic of home schooling, I was incredibly ignorant. It used to be, when I heard of someone homeschooling, I would conjure up images up women drably dressed, silently herding offspring by the dozen, looking as if a root canal may be more fun than teaching Jr. how to spell. I’m slowly learning. Actually, what is happening – is over the last year, I have met some incredibly cool, dynamic, intelligent, wonderful, women who either home school or were home schooled. These women are some of my best friends. I wholeheartedly respect their opinions and get their advice frequently. My perspective is changing because of the fruit of their lives.

Breaking down stereotypes and seeing truth. Here is the truth of the matter, as I see it now; home schooling takes huge kahonies. (I’m not sure if women who home school are used to being described as having huge kahonies, so let me be the first.) Hats off to homeschooling parents, how about I don’t form judgments about you until I’ve done it, oh wait, I’m not sure I could pull it off even if I tried.

Parents choose home schooling for a variety of reasons. I used to think one of those reasons included a chip on their shoulder that public schooling sucked and they could do it better. In retrospect, that is a totally legitimate reason to home school. Realistically, in several areas, public school is lacking. Plus, doesn’t it seem like every day, somewhere, there is a whackadoo showing up at a school with a gun? Homeschooling Parent, I commend you for taking ownership and initiative in the academic experience of your kid. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and putting your money where your mouth is: if you don’t like public school, then do something about it…oh wait, that’s exactly what you’re doing! For the record, the home schooling parents I meet are humble, and are the first to tell you they don’t have all the answers. Several admit they figure it out as they go, constantly learn from mistakes, and continually making changes to become better. That makes them good learners because they know they can’t stagnate -both in their content base and in delivery. Every day they push themselves to improve. Now, if you can’t find that respectful, what does that say about you?

As of right now, I can’t see myself home schooling, but not because I reject the idea ….I purely can’t see me homeschooling. However, I am so thankful, one home schooling parent at a time, how my perspective is broadening. You know what a lot of homeschooling parents need? Encouragement.

I want to connect with some today and let them know I think they’re pretty awesome.