“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  – Confucius

The other day, the bank lady and I almost hugged.

“Did you have a nice weekend, maam?”  She asked, in her  sweet, obligatory “I’m talking to you because I have to fashion.”  I paused, ready to say “yes” without stopping to think about it.  But then a really fun memory came to mind.

“Yes!” I gushed.  I taught my daughter how to lay on her back in the grass, look up at the clouds and talk about the different shapes she sees!”  The bank lady paused, met my eyes and softened…”aww, that is so sweet, that almost makes me cry!” And then suddenly crying seemed like a great idea…if there wasn’t a counter in our way, and several other people waiting for banking services, we probably would have shared a moment.  But as quickly as it came up, it faded again.  (Moms, and working moms in particular, have a knack for multitasking in the workplace.  We can answer phones and help clients, all the while choking down child related tears.  Its just a part of life.)  So, we didn’t hug, but I felt her warmth.  And I made plans for this weekend.  Nothing complicated.   Simple really.

Right there, in the bank, I made that mental note.  “I am so definitely watching clouds this weekend.”  With that important, simple commitment made, I felt a little less silly helping myself to one of those fun, free bank lollipops.