I’ve gotten a few special projects done today.  And I’ve also watched the clouds, pet the dog, lay out in the sun, and thought about grass.  I don’t know if I totally understand the point of Labor Day, but I sure am grateful.  Days like today help me enjoy home-making all the more.  When time is limited Monday-Friday, it is really refreshing to have few extra hours to clean and organize the pantry, make baby food, and dust places that haven’t been dusted….since, let’s see…. last Labor Day :).

Celebrating Labor.  I am a fan.  Its a good idea.  Many of us labor way more than a mere 40 hours a week.  In thinking about this, (and why laying in the sun and thinking about grass felt so incredibly good), I realized that realistically, my typical week includes about 84 hours of labor.  8 each day at work out of the house, 4 hours every night within the house, and 12 hour days on the weekend.  No wonder I need to pet the dog, watch the clouds, and enjoy the buzz of whatever just flew over me.

And there ain’t anything special about me.  People do this all the time.  Which makes me think about where we go for refreshment, battery recharges, and times to convince ourselves that still going is feasible.  Every household needs at least one “known oasis”  Where to go, what to do, to keep everyone in the house from going nutso.

Maybe the park, the backyard, a favorite restaurant, vacation spot, church.  My heart was so touched, upon visiting a new fellowship, to hear a woman say that solid Kids programs are important….not for the foundation for the kids (though it is), but because it helps the parents, many who both work out of the house Monday-Friday, time to recharge.  Amen Sister!  Thank you for summing up, acknowledging, and meeting my need in one statement.  No, I don’t want you to raise my kids for me,  and yes, I am happy to bring snacks, et al. –  whatever I can to help.  But in that very heartfelt, one sentence statement, you pointed me in the direction of an invaluable oasis.

A solid fellowship and Labor Day Holiday make me a better homemaker.  Not because either tell me specifically how to whip through laundry, plan for meals, or puree peas for Jr.  Because both give me time to reflect on what is really important in life.

Happy home making is unique to each household.  I often envy the proclivity of the male species to relax amidst total chaos.  Stuff on the floor, dishes in the sink, eh, forget about it.  Reclining still feels good.  (Through the years I have changed from seeing this as a weakness to a strength!)  A certain degree of chaos makes my skin crawl.  I am learning to relax, but still have a way to go.    Our household is a continual work in process.  And at the end of the day, (especially a Holiday), that is okay.

With Him and the strength of a community who loves Him, we can embrace the joy of each day -regardless of whether the majority (or minority) of our time is spent laboring in the home.     And all that housework, it can be over-rated.   If given a choice, my mate would rather see the sparkle of my Spirit than of our countertops and toilets.