1)  Extend the same grace and mercy that you give others to yourself!  (You know better than to go off on your husband, friend, neighbor, therefore, quit mentally beating yourself up!)

2)  Drink, Potty, Rest.  No one else is appointed to make you sure you are hydrated, healthy, and sleeping.

3)  Whoever or whatever steals your peace – pray about it and address it efficiently.  Please don’t mope, whine, complain, or pull a power trip on someone else.  This behavior is unbecoming and a waste of God given energy.

4) Hang out with moms whose kids are decades older, when they wistfully look at your full hands and say “I miss that,” they are not paying you lip service, trust their sincerity.  I know the baby just threw up on you and the toddler is running circles around you mid-tantrum.  These are chaotic, good times.

5) Pick one area or task around the house that makes you happy when it is clean (make a bed, clean kitchen countertops).  Do that one task consistently.  Anything else is a bonus and when done, you deserve a treat!