Having a 3.5 year old in daycare is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle every night.  Her little mind draws conclusions that are sometimes not totally accurate.  Her teacher is gone by the time I pick up in the evenings, so I don’t get the whole picture until we connect the following morning.

 Last night I was informed by my sweet cherub that she didn’t have milk the other day because “she touched the milk before they had prayed for it, and when that happens, she gets water.”

 I am all for reverence, but that sounds a little extreme.  I mean, I blog on Christianity, but withholding milk because she touched it before praying?

 When I calmly inquired with her teacher, who I do like very much, she was horrified at the idea.  I appreciated the sincerity of her reaction.  (It turns out that while she was passing out the milk at lunchtime, my sweetness tripped, fell, busted her nose, it bled  a lot, and milk, well, milk was the last thing she wanted.)  In the midst of applying a cold compress to my daughter’s face, some kids started eating, and others objected because the prayer hadn’t been concluded yet.  My sweetness was offered water.  So in her mind, “if you touch the milk before you pray, then you get water.”

 It all makes sense now.

 You know how, when someone gets really worried about something, they keep talking…and talking…and talking?  And you just want to hug them and tell them it will be okay?  That was the teacher and I after I asked for clarity on how “touching the milk relates to meal time praying rules.”    Animated, the teacher provided a comprehensive explanation that religion does not determine milk distribution – concluding with a reference to another little girl in the class that her family doesn’t believe in God, but SHE DEFINATELY STILL GETS MILK EACH DAY.

 My two immediate thoughts: good to know, and Oh, wow, I don’t think that came out right.  (Of course every kid should get milk each day!)

I just wanted to give them ALL a big hug AND a tall glass of milk ….and chocolate milk for the righteous……totally kidding 🙂