Here’s a secret: my husband, who is incredibly manly, can also be incredibly crafty.  Once I went through a floral arranging phase.  He bailed me out several times.  The man is good.  This year he is sky-rocketing me through the ranks of cool parent contributions at day care.  Oh, yea, this years Halloween Party in the 3-4 room, its looking pretty good right now.

Lets just say, I have room to redeem myself.  A few years ago, for an Easter themed day care party, all the parents got decorative notes home asking for festive contributions to help encourage the children.  The night before, I was shoving half broken pretzel sticks into plastic eggs.  It’s not that I was health conscience,  it’s that I had no festival energy to make an extra grocery store run for jelly beans for 2 year olds.  Just wasn’t feeling it.  So, I went to the pantry, eye balled what I could possibly shove into an egg and called it a day.

Fast forward to this year, my husband (my football-loving, tough, often shows little outward expression) husband just showed me how to make super cool “pipe cleaner wrapped around a lollypop spider thing” that even gets googly eyes!  We have 15 spider pops “in process” for the pre-K party happening this Thursday.  Folks, I am rockin’.

And the teacher just thinks I am bringing apples!