So, I am home today, on a weekday.  I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my parents as they pass thru town.  We are excited for the visit.  And by “anticipating,” I also mean emptying the kitchen corner of the errant apple slice, making sure our guest bathroom doesn’t smell like pee, and uncovering our kitchen table.  I actually have a clean table cloth now on it, and an almost lovely display of gourds as a centerpiece.  (This rarely happens at my house).

On the plus side, I stayed in my bathrobe for a freakishly long time, and had two fresh cups of coffee, bonus cuddle time with the kids, and discussions with my pre-Ker.  And I am reminded that I am thankful to have employment out of the home.  On the reals, I am of the opinion that stay at home moms have the harder job, particularly when the kids are little.    Know why?  No break.  (there is nap time, but that can be severely over- rated because just because it possesses the label ‘nap time,’ doesn’t always mean that is achieved.)

In the office, when I am on the phone, the auto-attendant picks up and reassures the caller that their problem is of grave concern to me and I  will provide a solution, at my first opportune moment.  Kind of like “I care, but am not available at this moment, I’ll get back to you.”

Yea, that so doesn’t exist with little kids. When you are home all day, they see you ALL DAY and to their minds, that makes you AVAILABLE ALL DAY.  I never ask a stay at home mom what she does, because I know that beyond meeting basic physical needs, she may also be reconciling the exhausting, moral, mental battle that goes with the inner dialogue of “although I love you with every fiber of my being and would go to hell and back for you, PLEASE STOP TOUCHING ME FOR FIVE MINUTES…JUST FIVE MINUTES…. THAT’S ALL I ASK FOR.)

So, I just have to say, hats off to stay at home moms.  Is there a support group for you guys?  I’ve been home alone for 6 hours with two littles.  I’m seeing how a support group could come in handy.