There’s an irony that marks my Wednesday evenings.  On a typical Wednesday, I have approximately 20 minutes from when the kids and I walk in the door until we walk back out the door to midweek services.  Thankfully, I have a helpful hubs which makes this process manageable, however it is still undeniably a tad bit chaotic: “Ready – Set – Go! Take off your coat, go potty, shovel down food, put your coat back on – meet me at the door – we’re walking out right now.”

What makes this ironic?  The point of going is to worship, listen, learn about God, and love others.  If I am not careful, the hour before church can leave be more raucous than righteous.  I find myself screaming (inside my head, not literally) “for the love of all that his holy – go! go! go! hurry up!  GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. WE HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH NOW SO WE CAN BE LOVING LIKE GOD!” which is really not that loving of me at all.

So, I’ve slowed my thinking, started planning out my Wednesday night meals ahead of time, and focus on living out the good Word I put such pressure on hearing preached.  Yes, we desire to be punctual, and prayerfully, some day, it will be easier.  However, for right now, my reality is it is more important for me to take a couple of extra minutes to lovingly prep the household.  That way, my pre-Ker is less likely to process the idea that church night = Mommy gets loony.

Why go?  Does not going on a midweek mean I love God less than the times I do go?  I don’t think so.  We go, sometimes crying baby and fussy pre-ker in tow, because we like to.  Its fun to see dear friends and learn about God.  It is refreshing to get new insights into the scriptures, hear the hearts of those we see in fellowship, and experience others living the faith.    Its a time to commune with believers and think about God and spiritually fill up.   Its time for my kids to commune with believers and think about God and spiritually fuel up.

And I pretty much always have indigestion.   There is only so much food intake and digestion that can go on in such a small window.  Yes, as much I purely love God with my whole heart, I sincerely equate midweek with indigestion.  Pretty much every Wednesday we’re there, I’m praying that next week I will have remembered the TUMS.

But, its a willing trade off.  For the spiritual nourishment, I’ll nosh a couple of minty flavored calcium discs.