Every office has a unique dynamic, and let’s be honest: degree of drama.  I overheard someone say about me, “Oh, she’s political, she’s friendly to everyone.”  Interesting.  I beg to differ – in  a most friendly fashion,  of course.   I don’t think its “political” to be friendly, I think it’s a) good business practice, and b) a really good idea if I call myself a Christian.

 I’m not suggesting I be the workplace door mat.  Nor do I recommend ram-rodding spiritual conversation to those not feeling it.  If I claim to love God, I should be known for friendliness towards others.  Maybe we’ve all known a co-worker with the personality of Oscar the Grouch, and the long list of church involvement.  Leaves you scratching your head, you know?

 One of the best testimonies for working Christians is how you’re known for interacting with people at work.  I certainly don’t expect Christians in the workplace to be perfect.  In fact, it’s when I mess up and still repent to be like Christ that really gives me an opportunity to be set apart.

I don’t think I’m being political.  With me, what you see is what you get.  But, if I am really loving God, then what you see is someone who more closely reflects Him and not this “political” world.