I’ve always been a huge fan of stuff that is practical – if you want me to do something – please show me how. In reading “Praying for Boys: Asking God For The Things They Need Most,” I instantly felt the practical connection. Just a few paragraphs in, I thought about Jesus in Mathew 6 when he doesn’t just say “go pray,” but He actually provides a template and a “this is how you should pray” instruction.

I don’t know about you, but parenting is challenging. I want to be a good, effective, “successful parent,” but telling me to be a good parent is not as helpful as practically showing me how.

Brooke McGlothlin does just this. In her new book, slated to come out in early January (Bethany House Publishers), she shares her heart. Next to practicality, I love honesty. Share how parenting is hard and you want to lock yourself away. I won’t think negatively of you, I will like you more, because I can relate. Brooke doesn’t try to portray rainbows and roses when it comes to raising boys…she shares her trials and breakthroughs and how prayer brings her victories. I love when she writes that her book, compiled over years of learning about how to pray for her two sons, now Elementary School age, isn’t so much about her, or us, as it is about God.

Now, we can always use more reminders of God, can’t we? Reminders of His character, His continual offer of transformation, His constant listening ear.

Organized in brief chapters, this book is a great, easy read for tired, busy boy moms. It encourages, inspires, instructs, helps, and cheers. This isn’t fluff, but spiritual meat and potatoes for raising God’s future leaders.

You will want to put it down….but only to go pray.

You can find out more about this book and read a sample now at Amazon.com!