Most businesses have a conference room, or if they opt for formality, a boardroom. It’s where the important people gather to discuss, to decide, to determine. It’s an auspicious space with dark, austere furniture. By design, the space makes a strong impression of success…

Some of my favorite pictures from this Christmas don’t show much “Christmas” at all – they aren’t of the tree, of overflowing stockings, or carnage of opened presents. They are of my young family all piled on our bed. We are un-showered, our teeth un-brushed, our socks don’t match.

But these are the people most important to me, gathered together, to discuss, to decide, to determine. A while ago, I read a post on Facebook of a woman who shared how her adult children still gather on her bed to share life. This continually warms my heart.

Raising young children is all together exhausting and exhilarating. Exhausting because so much of life is lived on little sleep. Exhilarating because we are laying foundations of beliefs and behaviors. We are starting and growing memories.

Our bed will likely not have fancy furnishings for several years. There is nothing formal or impressive about it. You don’t look at it and think “success.” But, I pray it is a prominent gathering and meeting place of my family for several years. I pray that each day, as I pull up the sheets, blankets, and quilts, I don’t forget how special it is to have a bed full of childhood chatter, wonder, and love.

Yes, Lord, as the years pass, may our bed be our boardroom.