A snow day. Thank you, Lord! Thus far, we have ticked off several wonderful snow day pastimes: dress in several layers, (only then to realize we have to go potty), play in snow, make mini snowman, decorate yard with snow angels, slip on ice, de-layer, and consume hot chocolate with a ridiculous amount of marshmallows. Pretty successful, and we haven’t even ventured out into the back yard, yet.

And, I am also making time for a favorite hobby – reading. It is not unusual, when the kiddos allow, for me to have 3-4 different books and commentaries going at one time. To me there is no greater joy than an ongoing reading buffet, when I can walk into any room in my house and pick up a book where I last left off 🙂 Right now I am into a handful: the Bible, a book on worship, a commentary on Galatians, a parenting and prayer book, and an overview study of the Bible. Good stuff.

Often, there is a temptation to connect with the author and simply adopt their convictions, to subconsciously conclude that because you appreciate their work, you also believe what they believe. What struck me this morning, amidst my books, is that two authors and teachers I highly respect, both published by the same significant Christian publishing house, both broadcasted all over the world and touted for their rich, biblical knowledge, teach differently on salvation and baptism. (I am not wholly surprised, since at the end of the day, both sides sell books, and the Publishing House is a business like any other.)

Thank God, literally, that I have access to the scriptures to determine what I believe. Thank God that I can continue to show respect for both authors, while simultaneously seeking the truth for me. Determining why I believe what I believe from the scriptures is a time consuming, challenging, essential component to my Christian walk. It’s a part of Christianity that I must pass onto my children: to not have faith alone, but to know the foundation and source of that faith. If my children grow up believing something simply because “it is what my parents believe,” then we have sorely failed.

I’m a mostly joyful, often goofy, sometimes overwhelmed, continually tired, Christian Wife, Mom and Employee. I eagerly pray to add “Berean Like” to that list: “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” Acts 17:11