Growing up, I often remember my mom saying, “oh, I put it in a safe place.” I don’t know what came before or after this statement, but these words are permanently stored in my repertoire.
In fact, it is one of my favorite, “go-to” sayings, when someone in our house is looking for something.
Problem is, I often can’t remember where that safe place is.
And my family is catching on.

After a recent inquiry, I heard our daughter innocently whisper, “Daddy, we still don’t know…that means Mommy can’t find it either.”


And, apparently, my “safe place” is expanding….My husband couldn’t find the candy he needed as rewards for his students, so I offered him my demonstrative reply of “how odd, I just saw that the other day and put it in a safe place.”
Hours later, I saw that I had indeed tucked the candy safely into my desk at my work. T
he “safe place” is no longer even confined to the four walls of our home.

This has me thinking… be concerned if I tell you I put my kids in a “safe place.”