“Ever feel like the world is pushing at you and you can’t push back?” An associate asked me recently.

“Yes,” I replied. “And in those moments, you kick.”

Interesting. Why did that just come out of my mouth? What does that even mean?

I’ve done the personality tests. I don’t dive into conflict, and at the end of the day, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Was I inwardly promoting some kind of passive aggressiveness? Was I secretly pining for the lyrics “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting” to come blaring into our conference room?

I pictured a spontaneous, office-wide dance sequence. Now, that is a fun mental image!

I really don’t dance that well, though. I am rhythmically challenged. But, I do enjoy problem solving. Which got me thinking. When we feel most overwhelmed with life, most squeezed, most tired, and most at our wits end, I think we’ve forgotten that there may be other solutions. We may not like them, and we may have to hurry up and wait.

Emotionally charged people, exhaustion, changes in law and policy – they all have a way of putting blinders on our thoughts so we are left feeling hopeless – left seeing a result we don’t like, but unable to move on to another approach.

The next time you have the thought that you aren’t able to push back, take a deep breath, and come right out of that box kicking.