“Your kind of confusing at times,” my husband commented. It’s true. I am.

Particularly during the work week, I have two different speeds: “survival/play mode” and “clean mode.”

I really do enjoy order and organization. Organized space makes me happy. Playing with my kids makes me happy too. Often, these two favorites counteract each other. And working out of the house, I really have to choose between the two: limited hours in the evenings means there is either time to clean or time to play. Mostly, I choose play.

That’s why, this weekend, I kind of confused my husband. He came in Saturday afternoon after being out for several hours. The kids and I had enjoyed a play filled day.

“Welcome home, I’m glad you’re here, we have too much crap, it’s time to organize, seriously, lets de-clutter.” I gushed all in one long breath.

He was a little taken back since I had been fine with the same piles of stuff all during the week.

“I know,” I quipped. “Its just the longer I am at home, the more I realize how I want the space to look.” At first I didn’t think this was a contentment issue – in the traditional sense of contentment with stuff. I don’t necessarily want nicer, and I surely don’t want more. And then I realized, it is: I aim to be content with the choices I make with my time. Part of decoding the tired Christian working mom is embracing a continual assessment of how to best use limited time. What choices will bring about the greater good? I am continually crunching the equation of working motherhood: subtract the time spent at work, take the balance, and make it awesome. Sometimes a tickle fight is just what the household needs. Sometimes it is sitting down to a pretty dining room table. Sometimes, we get both.