1 John is attributed to the Apostle John. Have to tell you, the more I read, the more I like this guy. I feel like he embodies what it means to be a big brother in the faith. 1 John is a love letter on multiple levels: his love for believers in another area, and his love for God shine through. John writes to a group of disciples who were going through a tough time spiritually, those around them, some making up their own fellowship, strayed from, confused, compromised, and abandoned the faith. On a simplistic level, I appreciate that John cared. He could have heard about it, and said, “oh, so sad for them” and carried on his way. He could have easily condemned all of them, leaving God to sort it out. But he doesn’t. He reaches out to the remnant to point them back to Christ and God’s love. John’s message in the first four verses alone: don’t forget God’s goodness, his willingness to come in human form and show you love, and maintain a fellowship with you. No matter what happens around you, amidst you, amongst you, remember his life and what he offers to you, from the beginning and continually, what you and he have experienced and will experience. God’s goodness reigns, and that goodness should be proclaimed. In fact, God works through fault filled humans to proclaim a perfect eternity.

A loved filled walk with God includes others, in learning fellowship with God, we are taught fellowship with others. Sometimes the “others” seem small, or far away, or because of life circumstance, less than attainable. I am in the season of having small children. Never before have I missed so much church. But through fellowship, “church” in the form of what happens between myself, God, and other believers is still available. Scriptures, discussion, prayer, confession, accountability, they are all still there for the taking.

Thanks, Big Brother John, for the reminder to always go back to God’s goodness, and sharing in that goodness, to strengthen, to encourage, to lift up, this is what makes our joy complete.

{Meditating on 1 John 1:1-4}