John writes passionately reminding struggling disciples who Jesus and God were. Simply put, John says, “this is what I know about him -from personally interacting with him – this is what I declare about him.” Believers are built to strengthen and encourage one another, reminding one another of who Christ is, because of His undeniable work in our lives. This proclamation honors God and puts Him back in focus when others or life circumstance try and force Him out.

The Greek word used for light in verse 5 is phos. It refers to illumination, and in referring to God, there is no darkness in him, he is pure illumination. Christians are called to walk in the light, to deny ourselves of the darkness of sin, and to join God in fellowship. God says we can not have one foot in and one foot out: Christians are not designed to maintain a permanent straddle whereby we are fixated in both the light and dark. Indeed, we should be careful in what we claim: the claim of fellowship and actual fellowship should match. We know we can not achieve the degree of purity that God is. If we maintain the desire to purely walk with Him, God is committed to illuminating our dark places, and changing us from the inside out, so we may fellowship with him in the light.

{Meditating on 1 John 1: 5-7}