I appreciate John’s gentle reminder, that at the end of each moment, the goal is not to sin. (His previous discussion in prior verses do not provide a license to sin as much as we want). However John knows that we have a goal, and we have reality. Reality says that we will sin, and when we do, we are not alone. We have an advocate with the Father – his son – the Righteous One. What an amazing concept that God continually offers his one son to bring the world’s people, and keep them, in his presence. God does not simply decree and then leave us. He advocates for us.

And not only advocates. He advocates for us, gets involved, and intercedes on our behalf, as well as atones and makes amends. Jesus is the atoning advocate. I love the use of present tense here. He is.
What sin do you stumble over, do you hate and have to continually pray to avoid? I hate that I get annoyed as a mom to young children at times. I am praying to not be an annoyed woman. I pray to be gracious and grace filled, even tempered, consistent, and calm. Jesus advocates for me and helps me to bring this to fruition! Because he is the atoning sacrifice, he paid the cost with his life, to correct my sin. Jesus is the atoning advocate.

{Meditations on 1 John 2:1-2}