If John’s previous verses direct us to the good, pure, illuminating character of God, then verses 3-6 of chapter 2 gives a shot of “this is how you do it practically.” Ultimately, God wants a heart that is steadfastly focused on Him. The fruit of this heart is a life that more so reflects God and his son, as opposed to anyone or anything else, lived out practically day to day.

John counsels against lip service, it isn’t enough to merely say or claim a walk with God, we are called to have an obedience to back it up. This is a supremely high calling. As I studied this all week and heard the Bible and let its words sink in, I was tempted to feel discouraged. To walk as Jesus walked? C’mom Man! That is tough. If I don’t obey, I am a liar and the truth is not in me? Good grief, why even try, if I risk trying, failing, and then being a phony? I wrestled, I tousled, I love the Bible so much but what to do when I struggle to live it? I prayed. And felt better. Yes, Jesus walked without sinning. No, I will not walk just like that.

I meditated on the heart and spirit of Jesus, what truly, deeply characterized him? A wholehearted dependence on God. Now, that’s something I can strive for. There isn’t a question of whether I will always obey or not, because I won’t. If I ruminate on that, then I get really discouraged. More importantly, if I focus on and LIVE out how Jesus lived, with a wholehearted dependence on God, then I understand that a godly live is worth striving for, practically, day to day. Because God is present. Jesus stands, ready and willing to intercede and get involved, personally. A life lived with God is dependent on a passionate dependence on God. This is how I may truly walk as Jesus did, and share in a love completed by him.

{Meditations on 1 John 2:3-6}