Favorite childhood memories?
Reading by the hour on the sun porch.
Riding my bike.
I was way better at reading than I was at gymnastics. I kind of miss having a bike. And now that I am a parent, I am incredibly GRATEFUL to my parents that they made these hobbies happen.

These activities took time and effort and money, gas in the car, and overall sacrifice. We know that parenthood calls for these items on the regular. Which is why I appreciate my parents that they gave of these things on the extra-curricular. Now that our oldest is entering the realm of wanting to try activities, I am seeing this in a whole new light.

Next up? Dance.
Ya’ll, I’m cheap. (In more sophisticated circles, we call it “frugal.”)

I had to think long and hard about this dance thing. It seems a tad bit fancy and hi-falootin.’
Which is why I just spent the last hour looking for leotards, tights, ballet and tap shoes for discount.

But, I am happy to. Because if there is something that always strikes me as I watch other people’s kids grow up, it’s that kids will spend their time doing something….something will take hold of their attention and captivate them, for the positive or the negative. I think parenting includes a degree of responsibility to introduce your kids to the different options to help occupy their time. I’m not saying this should or does require lots of money. But therein lies a call to invest. At the least – invest time. Create activities. Practice playing. Go to the library. Become experts of the local parks and playgrounds.

Be the concierge of hobbies.
Because if you don’t, something or someone else will.