I picture, if John and the believers he addresses here were physically together, he rallying them in a big circle, arms over each others shoulders, having a major pep talk. Here are the bullets of that pep talk:

* Don’t be dissuaded, discouraged, disheartened by those trying to lead you astray.
* Remain in God’s teaching so you can identify, when others persuade you, whether it is a teaching from the anointed One or not.
* In the midst of dissention and factions, the sound of eternal unity sounds really good. Remain in God now, so that you may take claim to the promise of eternal unity with God later.
* Those born of God do what is right, and encourage others to do likewise, living in such a way that the promise of eternal life with God is active and worthy of a calling to live a godly life.
* We are designed to live godly lives so that we may live confidently and without shame when we consider Christ returning.

Then, maybe John ends this pep talk with a robust “GO TEAM!” 🙂
{Meditations on 1 John 2:23-29}