Proverbs 31:25: “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

When I was 10, I had a mood ring. I was pretty sure that I was cool. As advertised, it would gleam  blue, green, brown, yellow,  depending on my mood. My friends and I would gather around our sophisticated jewelry and admire at how well our rings adjusted to the complicated life that is any 10 year old girl.

A couple decades later, throw in a marriage, kids, career, budget, trials and heartache of loved ones, and I often think back to my mood ring. Except this time, I strive to not be like it. Trying to maintain a spiritual walk includes the reminder that, day by day, we are to reflect God more and more, as opposed to our circumstances, or the attitudes of those around us. This can be tough.  It is very easy to match our moods, mentality, and demeanor to those around us, particularly when the mood is “cranky, over tired, extra adventurous, likes to climb and jump off things little boy.”  Another mood I can easily reflect is the “working mom, I live my life in 15 minute increments, hurry up, we’re running late, GO!” or the “oh, I wish the inside of my house was beautiful what is the point of cleaning with small children?”  (I’m not sure what color these are, but they are not pretty).

They say accessories can make an outfit.  In 5th grade, we were sure of it, anything looked better with that mood ring.  I think this can still hold true, but now the accessories have changed.  My favorite verse from the Proverbs 31 woman is not the unending list of stuff that she did, but how she was clothed: with strength and dignity and the ability to laugh at the days to come.  What a cool woman.  I’m guessing that she didn’t throw up her hands and scream “I am so overwhelmed!”  (It turns out the overwhelmed could be the over-arching mood of my motherhood to date.  Especially when I or we get sick.   Again, not sure what color that would register on the ring, but there are times when my entire being looks that color.)  Just how is this woman laughing?  Her trust in God was so strong that she could literally just roll with it.  Surely she wasn’t naïve and some kind of flighty optimist, she had been around the block a few times. She realized that while she wanted excellence in everything she did here on earth, this world was temporary, and her relationship with God permanent: and as long as she kept that in tack, she’s got this.   Still, day to day, she looked out over her days and smiled, chuckled even at the variables each day brought, grateful at what was hers, and hopeful of what was to come.

Strength, dignity, laughter.  Those all sound like really good things to wear today.  Already, my day has started differently.  I woke up early planning to write.  I even went as far to call it a writing date, just me, the computer, and a quiet house.  Our daughter woke up early too.  Actually, it is was my doing.  I had promised her that I would begin waking her up in time to say bye to Daddy, who leaves quite early.  I had wanted that quiet house, but I was spurred to be a woman of my word.  It has kind of worked out, writing, thinking, studying, while chatting, pleasantly with a 4 year old on shapes and colors and pencil sharpeners and the such.

At first, I wasn’t laughing, but I could muster a faint smile that then grew into a grin.  Okay, God’s got this.

I am not a mood ring whose pleasantry or conviction is to ebb and flow depending on the tide of emotions and circumstance. I am designed to reflect and continually shine Him.  I am designed for strength and dignity, and laughter – for today and the days to come.