“Is this okay, Honny? We’re going to get loud.”  This is my husband thoughtfully preparing me.

Welcome to our house on a Tuesday night.  There are several things in this world then men are helpful for: and wrestling with the children is one of them.  It’s a Daddy thing.  There’s just no appeal to me, after a long day and with dishes somewhat done, to wrestle on the living room floor.  I’ll cheer from the recliner.  The kids love it and Daddy does too.  So, that works.  There are minimal rules: no charging at each other with sharp objects, scream at a dull roar, and… that’s about it.

I even overheard, the other day, my husband give the fine particulars of how to properly run at him and land – “it’s like a belly flop, but with no knees.”  Lots of random body parts then commence to collide… lots of  squealing joy.  I’m not sure what kinds of wonderful things are being developed but I know that they are.

Sitting sideline to the wrestling, I’m reminded that we all have gifts and talents….some just show themselves differently.  My hubby and I do share in housework and the day to day, and there are some things that I do better, and some he does better.  Until tonight, I didn’t quite value wrestling time the same as dishes, but maybe I should!  (and he does help with the dishes :0)

Its a fun, unexpected gift, when you can see and value something new in your spouse, even amongst squealing and flinging body parts on a Tuesday night.