You know what I love in a home – in addition to love, family, and laughter?

A dynamic inventory control system.  Yes.  I said that.

I have 8 sticks of deodorant.  No doubt a blessing.  But really?  I hate when I have recently rearranged routes and make special detours in a bold effort to meet an immediate need that truly was not all that immediate.

No true deodorant emergency.  Really, I now have 8 sticks.  This is not a true catastrophe.  I’ll always use it.   But, this is isn’t the first time.

Recently, I got a note home from day care – could I please bring in an extra box of tissues?  Absolutely, I’m your girl.  I immediately went to the store and got one.    I cleaned the bathroom tonight.  I had two extra boxes stowed away – you know – for that next time I got a note home from the day care.

Deodorant and tissues.  Seriously, I am flirting with what trendy bloggers refer to as “first world problems.”   But it does bug the snot out of me (no pun intended – yet, I do have hefty stock of tissues).

Why?  Because the fact that I have stuff that I don’t even realize that I have makes me pretty much want to puke.  I don’t even really know what  I have!   Millions of people around the world have so little, there is no confusion there.   They don’t have this struggle.

So, what am I to do?  As strongly as I was tempted, tonight, upon finding the surplus deodorant and tissues, to take inventory of everything in my home, this would not be the prudent choice.  However, I am convicted, that a more organized person may make a more charitable person.  Particularly going into the Holiday season, I pray my little discoveries in cleaning the bathroom will motivate me to make wise choices in my spending, to be mindful of others, and generous of those in need.  Yes, I need a paradigm shift.  I bet I can find a charity who will gladly accept my brand new, near case of deodorant.  I pray that as I enjoy my blessing of having my job, I don’t use the income from it as a license to spend.  I wonder if were a one income family, I would have a better hold on our bathroom’s contents.  Okay, I’m not going to belabor myself over deodorant and tissues.  But it is the principle of the thing – without good checks and balances, and in this case, a good inventory system, I venture to say in two income households, it is a lot easier to accumulate stuff.  You get it because you think you need it, and need it now.  It is easier to buy now than to double check.    That reality is so icky to me.

We recently enjoyed a birthday party for our children’s friends.  The hosts laughed at how suddenly wonderful toys in their backyard were, with new little ones discovering and enjoying them.  Toys that their kids hadn’t really thought to play with until that day when friends were over.  I shared with the Dad that our kids don’t need new and more toys – they need new and more play dates.

These next two months, I pray to keep community on the forefront, and not consumerism.  We can all use a little more community.

Now, anyone need some deodorant?