With an almost 5 year old and almost 2 year old, the Christmas spirit and excitement in our house is reaching a fevered pitch ūüėÉ.¬†¬† In a few, rare quiet moments, I’ve realized a few priorities I pray to keep even after the Holiday:

1.¬† Live everyday like my nativity scene is up: ours is currently positioned on top of he TV in the living room.¬† It is one of the first things I see each morning.¬† I think I’m just OCD enough to not feel comfortable with leaving it up year round, but I love that concept.¬† Jesus has come, humbly, and that is a necessary reminder for my daily walk.¬† I am happier when I take even a brief¬†moment to gaze into this and appreciate: much like the kings who came bearing gifts, what gifts can I contribute each day?

2.¬† Encourage others generously.¬† This doesn’t require a lot of money.¬† Maybe because it has been a wonderfully challenging and rich year mothering two littles, I felt immense¬†gratitude to the multitude that helped my children this year.¬†¬† I felt compelled to do thank you tokens to several at daycare, at pre-k, at church.¬† Truthfully, these people bless me¬†year round.¬† Wouldn’t it be nice to do thank¬†you’s more than once a year?.¬† I can!¬† Exciting thought!

3.  Mail cards with updated pictures of the kids.  Kids change by the second.  Once a year for far away family is kind of like giving them a second out of a million.  This year, early December, I went to the post office and bought stamps.  I forgot how simple and straight forward that task actually is.

4.¬† Celebrate Jesus’s life.¬† I get the Happy Birthday Jesus concept.¬† I think once a year isn’t enough.¬† Let’s toss the rules on this one.¬† Jesus gets multiple, maybe even spontaneous birthday parties.¬† In April, May, August.¬† Why not?