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I’m not sure what I was wanting when I thought about a Christian Women’s/Parenting book.  And then I picked up this one – intrigued by the title – and THIS IS IT!

Non-preachy, real.  Lets’ go beyond saying parenting is hard.  Let’s say the scary stuff that we think we aren’t allowed to say because we also call ourselves Christians.  Let’s get real, because God is real.  And God REALLY wants to help us.  Now.  Not later, not after we’ve calmed down after that bad attitude or scream fest.  Right now, in the midst of that parenting struggle.

What do I like about this book?  Vulnerability.  Brooke and Stacey, these ladies get two thumbs up.    They get honest about the messes they’ve encountered with a very meaningful bonus – God has worked and continues to work powerfully in those messes.    They share how God meets them in personal, intimate ways, and how they have had the strength from Him to get back up after feeling knocked down.  This book doesn’t read like one of those safe Christian pieces where you aren’t sure if the author really ever had a bad day.  These women know they need God and their transparency can’t help but inspire: God has met them in their weariness, and He will in ours too.

In the workplace, I am pretty good at keeping my cool.  Why is it, then, that at home, such little beings can so fervently and zealously shoot me out of my comfort zone and leave me on edge?  What the? I used to feel guilty when I knew I had lost my cool.  A brief moment of monster mommy would wreck and undo all the good that day.  Even after apologizing, I felt like scum of the earth, my how the angels must mock me! That great cloud of witnesses they talk about in the scriptures?  I’m pretty sure they would boo me.  Or at least I deserved it.  I appear confident on the outside, and burdened with “you suck as a mom condemnation” on the inside.

This book addresses that – on page 21, “Instead of glorifying our weaknesses, letting them control our lives and break our hearts, we can learn to use them to glorify God, confessing our weaknesses and trusting him to make them into something good”  I hadn’t thought of it like this, but when I carry around such negativity then I do glorify the weakness, and let it control me and break my heart.  I think I need to earn back my good Mommy status by songs, stories, lullabies, and really awesome crafts.  After I do all that, then God will want to help me, find me worthy again.

As it is turning out – God doesn’t want to wait until I “recover” from being blasted out of my comfort zone.  God wants to meet me there!   Even in those “icky, yucky, I’ve completely lost control, who are these children” moments.   As it turns out, God is here all along.  And He ain’t afraid of my mess.

Hope for the Weary Mom is a book about letting God meet you in the messy places of motherhood and finding true hope. You can find out more information here!