3 things made me smile today – on a Monday, no less, so I am staking them as Wins 🙂

1.  Thinking After School Outside the Box: The Working Mom Guilt (WMG) had been going strong since last week when our pre-Ker has been on a kick of going anywhere except her after school program.  “Mom, did you find me someplace else to go in the afternoons, yet?” was her little plea.  When we got to the heart of it – it’s not that she doesn’t enjoy it, it’s simply that she is there for so long…after the snack, after the playground, she doesn’t want to just sit there and watch TV.  My little one was bored!  We came up with a plan together of creating special folders of activities for her to do during this last hour of after school time.  I talked to the director and teachers and finagled some logistics and VOILA! With some extra communication and $1 activities from Target, after school is BETTER!

2.  Fresh Fruit at 4.  Every day I hit the slump.  A cup of coffee and snickers just tastes/feels so good. Like an old friend giving me a big hug.  But I know better.  I used to keep some oranges or apples in my desk for these moments, thinking that if I have them, maybe I’ll eat them.  Now I’ve turned it into fun.  Today I took an entire carton of fresh strawberries!  Is it too extravagant to snack on fresh pineapple? I think not 🙂  Quite refreshing, really.

3.  Have Cards – Will encourage.  I happened to have an extra package of really fun, animal valentines in the car tonight.  “Mom! I’m about to go to dance class! I want to give some Valentines to the girls at dance!” I love catching our kids being generous, eager to encourage.  Tonight struck me of how much I want to keep extra little things around, simply so I can help facilitate my kids being generous.  (*Sidenote – our local Goodwill had some great Valentine cards for about 75% off the regular store prices – brand new – never been opened. I wanted about 2 dozen but ending up buying about 4 dozen.)  I am so glad I did!  I am encouraged to see where in our budget I could spend on little tokens to encourage encouragement.  Do you know how many Valentines I could buy with $5 I may normally blow on a couple of Happy Meals? 🙂