They say some people wear their emotions on their sleeve, I wear my motherhood.  At any given moment, I am, amongst other things, a human tissue, sporting at least a little snot.

 The other night at 3:00am, I woke up because our son was literally on my head.  I know you find this shocking- that it’s really hard to sleep with 27 pounds of toddler poised as a hat.

This morning, I sat at my desk going over accounts only to realize a small section of strawberry cereal bar plastered to my cheek.  Nice. Left over from a sticky, pudgy hand touching my face at daycare drop off, I’m sure.

 I’ve never really been into fashion.  And now that I’m a Mom to two preschoolers, this trend seems to be accelerating into an interesting combination: I’m like an old lady punctuated with remnants of toddlerhood.  Just last week, I had the unfortunate mingling of a frumpish scarf  with old lady pin, and the pre-mature arrival of elastic waist pants.  The struggle is real.   (Yet, if Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s “What Not To Wear” showed up at my door, I would secretly plot how I could use that money on books instead.)  I’m just embracing truth:  I can have a gift/curse to dress like a 70 year old librarian. (No offense to my Mom, who actually is a cool 70- something retired librarian :).

 On any given day, my socks don’t match.  I can’t waste precious energy ensuring an exact pairing.  If they are, however, in the same ball park color-wise, then yeah me.

 Sticky imprints, mis-matched socks, questionable markings (I did just wash that, didn’t I?)  That’s about all I’ve got right now.  I can enjoy rocking these otherwise whacka-doodle accessories; or I can stress it, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry, so I may as well rock them.

 I’m optimistic – I may look really put together in another decade or two.  Yes, my fashion could be a fine wine, as my kids age, it does too, better and better in time.

 And, perhaps someday, I will be smokin’ hot, running fashion shows out my nursing home dining room. 🙂