IMG_20150404_144513 I often get a kick out of reading proverbs and short sayings, blessings, and benedictions. Easter, 2015: a new spirit resurrecting calm and peace emerged for my home, as God rolled away a tightly wound ball of uptightness. I wasn’t proud of it, or even willing to admit it, but I was the woman who didn’t relax well in her own home. I always felt like I had to do something. I was almost always doing or asleep. I operated on two speeds: whirling dervish of “homemaking” OR knocked out, oblivious to anything around me, totally given over to exhaustion. My husband understands how to relax, prioritize needs, and recharge. Truth is, I used to look at this ability of his with confusion, envy, and an attitude of “I wish I could do that.” It turns out, I can. Maybe it was because I was physically under the weather, physically lacking a good chunk of energy, but something clicked for me that weekend. My goals were simpler, any burden of accomplishment lifted. It was enough to be. It was enough to enjoy what was immediately upon me, which that weekend was lots of sunshine and tinker toys spread out across the floor, beckoning creativity in little minds and hands. I even chilled out so much that those tinker toys stayed on the floor for the entire weekend. They beckoned creativity a few times, initiating spontaneous fun and thought. My daily prayer, bolstered by intentional action, now includes getting out into the sunshine and a sprinkling of fun, however that looks for me and you. May the sun shine brightly, and tinker toys litter your floor. Such simplicity is often made far more complicated than me. But is a new blessing that I plan on sticking with.

I’ll have to remind myself… for those times I’ll want to revert to my old ways.  Just like the newly built tinker toy design, I am a new, and more relaxed, creation.