Hammer time

So, you may not get to Disney this summer.  Or the Beach.  Or anywhere else abundantly “magical.”   That’s okay. Really, there is no pressure to whisk away because others do it.   Without much fru-fru, I really believe summer provides a little extra margin to be silly, footloose, a little more free.  As we start our hot days in Georgia, I’m starting to unwind a little, take measure of the little gifts around us, and simmer with gratitude for the small blessings that happen a little more readily:

1) Pockets of time to do cool, new things:  This is our 2 year old learning to hammer.  Wearing the safety glasses and yielding a tool meant the world to him. Somehow, in the hustle and bustle of the regular routine, we miss out on remembering how these seemingly simple tasks are exciting and new – an invitation for our little people to feel big and important.

2) My Honey Do List gets more pretty:  Yesterday my fantastic hubby hung four pictures for us and a shelf.  This rarely happens.  I just enjoyed the fruits of his labor (and my newly decorated wall).  During regular life, its all about the basics.  In the summer, we get pretty stuff hung on our walls.

3) Fresh fruit and vegetables: I may have had fresh strawberries and cream and hot coffee for dinner the other night.  No, I definitely did.  Each day, I love to look at our little garden, greet the sunflowers, and water the plants.  For the first time since we have had them, our raspberry bushes are consistently exploding with berries.  It is amazing how a little fresh air and quiet moments with other living things (that don’t talk back or complain) is so rejuvenating!    This is a summer for berry blessings – and I don’t entirely mean Strawberry Shortcake episodes playing incessantly on Netflix 🙂