Last night as I tried to go to sleep, my heart grew increasingly heavy for single moms, and their seemingly endless, incredible load.  My mind raced with different women and their situations and circumstances.  As I tried to quiet my soul, I did hear God’s gentle whisper: “Shut up and pray” (Yes, while I firmly believe God is the God of love, I know He can be very direct, right when I need it.  I have had a few “shut up and pray” moments in my walk. They always bear fruit.)  I’m going to spend every day this week leading up to Sunday praying for single moms, those I know personally, those I don’t.

Dear Single Mom:

I don’t entirely know your situation.  I’ve haven’t walked in your shoes.  But I respect you.  I hold you up in prayer under the bone deep exhaustion that I imagine you feel, always on, always thinking, always feeling like you are the one and only tasked with provision for your family: emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially.  I don’t need to know the details to know your days are long and overwhelming and often seem too hard.  During this week, our culture will go nuts encouraging us to shop for and lift up the Fathers.  I’m always up for encouraging – bring on the party.  Let’s lift up and encourage where it fits, but I pray this week that your loneliness isn’t intensified, that this week of more encouraging for Dads doesn’t amplify any feeling that you are less.  Because you are not, Single Mom. You are awesome and wonderful and hard working and resilient.  Your efforts are not wasted or unappreciated.  Daily, you are enough.

Father in Heaven, as we spend this Monday night, beginning another week, please love on and encourage Single Moms.  You know exactly who and where they are.  Please help them to know that even in their darkest moments, your sliver of light is enough to buoy them on and to continue to make a difference in their children’s lives.  Please give them energy and perseverance and reason to smile.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.