Talk it Tuesday – Prayer

Outside of prayers with our kids, my prayer life had grown random and unintentional.  I felt like I had ADD.  When it came to praying, my brain was a blender trying to make a milkshake, but on the wrong speed.  (Like when you need to be on a higher power to crush the ice but you can’t quite get it there, so there is just a bunch of racket and a lumpy product).  I probably prayed a little bit about a lot of different stuff, which there was nothing wrong with, but it did not seem very meaningful.

Last week’s prayer adventure for Single Moms was exhilarating.  I very intentionally picked this topic because of women I love and respect and needed to feel like I could support.  Sure I prayed about other things last week, but made a point to pray for them every day, search the scriptures, and pray through them.  I guarded and protected this time like a dog with her bone.  I looked forward to it.

This time has encouraged me to keep this up, maybe pick one topic at a time, and really deeply pray.  Maybe some day I can pray for multiple topics at once, maybe some day when my brain feels less like a blender.  I want to be devoted to prayer, and maybe if I can only be devoted to one topic at a time, right now, God can and will work with that!

Father in Heaven, thank you for listening and for meeting us where we are, physically, emotionally, spiritually, prayerfully.  Thank you that we can simplify knowing and connecting with you.  Please walk with us, help us to be devoted to prayer, to be watchful, and filled with gratitude.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Colossians 4:2