Each Thursday, I’ll post on thanksgiving.  This week I am chewing on Psalm 119 and thankfulness for the invigorated power found in praying through the scriptures.  Praying through the scriptures always seemed like something others did better than I, mine tended to feel forced and insincere.  Perhaps I have simply realized that often my words just don’t make sense – but God’s – they always do.  Tonight, I am thankful for the opportunity to pray through God’s Word, and to meditate on verses with a singular focus of appreciating His thoughts.

Father in Heaven, thank you that your word is:

a path to walk accordingly to You,  (v.1)

a way to actively seek You (v. 2)

a direction for purity (v. 9)

a counselor (v. 24)

a source of strength (v. 28)

a way to take away our disgrace (v. 39)

a means to preserve our life (v. 40)

our answer (v.42)

our path to freedom (v. 45)

our hope (v. 49)

our comfort (v.50)

the theme of our song (v. 54)

our portion (v.55)

a reminder that the earth is filled with your love (v.64)

more precious than gold (v.72)

trustworthy (v.86)

an eternal promise of your faithfulness (v.89-90)

a reminder that we are Yours (v.94)

boundless (v.96)

the sweetest source of understanding (v.103-104)

a lamp for my feet and light for my path (v. 105)

our forever heritage (v.111)

our sustenance (v.116)

redemptive (v.134)

thoroughly tested (v.140)

true and righteous (v.142, v.144)

a reminder that You are near (v. 151)

Thank you that your Word is in motion, doing all of these things, Lord.  Thank you that Your breath truly is living and active, guiding and reminding us of your good character.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.