I came across several commentaries today on how the Supreme Court ruling to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states was a win for love.  “Love wins.” was the title of one caption.  This may be true to you, really, I am not here to pee on your  parade.  It is all about perspective, personal conviction, and belief.  Yet, I can’t help but wonder whose love for who is really being celebrated, love for the desires of man or love for the desires of God?  We all have a choice as to how we celebrate love.

And yet, God is so gracious, that while we are existing, He does not meter out his good will and grace to only those that seek and obey Him.  And so, here is the deal, I tell myself –

I may not agree with your love celebration, yet that doesn’t give me license to act unlovingly to you.   If I am serious about wanting to follow Christ, then I have to follow his amazing example from his daily walk to his death.

While some members of the Christian community convulse in pain and righteous (or unrighteous) indignation, I think this kind of stuff is really a call for a renewed focus, historical appreciation, and respect for the cross.   So, tonight, as social media is going wild, I take solace in an extra quiet moment to appreciate the cross and God’s good character.

Whatever we consider as “crazy” stuff has been happening since the beginning of time.  Remember when the men came to warn Lot in Genesis 19 and the men of the community surrounded the house and requested the visitors be brought out so they could have sex with them? That’s pretty crazy.  Remember when the Son of God was crucified on Calvary, despite the detail that He hadn’t done anything wrong?  That’s pretty crazy.  Remember when the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage as legal?  That’s pretty crazy.   Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Let’s remain focused on that, on Him, on His walk, on how He treated sinners (like me!).

God has known all along that some would choose Him, and live accordingly to Him, and some wouldn’t.  Yet His generosity in sending his Son wasn’t in any way measured or miserly.  God was and continues to be “all in,” even when faced with rejection.  His love is unwavering.  And that is amazing.