I’ve found three simple prayers that make a big difference in my outlook and day flow.

1) Wake up reciting a scripture.

2) Lord, help me enjoy our children

3) Lord, help me work.

It turns out my most challenging parts of the day are the morning, the afternoon, and the evening (imagine that!).

As a recovering “Type A” personality,  the mornings found me transitioning from sleep-ified zombie to crazy woman, pretty quickly.  Once I am finally awake, I used to start the day with a mental to do list, before my feet hit the floor, I was thinking about work, about rotating the load of laundry before leaving that morning, and what to pull out for dinner. I literally woke up talking, thinking out loud, planning.   My husband, who better eases into the day with the proportionate amount of silence and SportsCenter, would look over at me lovingly with a glance that said “really? I can’t handle this now.”  The problem with my approach to the day was it is incredibly self centered, and the quality of the day’s start measured by the quantity of what I was able to accomplish, which inevitably was not enough.  Throw in a couple of young kids to get ready and out the door, and I was not the picture of peace.

Now, I am training myself to go to bed and to wake up reciting Isaiah 26:3

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose mind is steadfast because they trust in you.”

The other two are so simplistic, it seems almost silly to share them.  Truthfully, in the hustle, I need a simple reminder to enjoy our children.  I have prayed this as I get them ready in the mornings, as I pick them up in the evenings, throughout the dinner prep and bedtime routine.

The afternoons often find my brain tired.  Long about 3:30, I call on some divine intervention to simply help me work.  Get things done.  The freshness and caffeine of the morning have worn off, but this simple prayer gets me through.  Leaving without stuff done leaves me feeling uneasy, so at 4:00p, I tell myself it is really 5:00 and I need to crank to get stuff done.    The momentum carries me through 5:30 and it is time to go!

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for the power in your Word, that it is living and active and working.  Thank you that we can derive strength simply from storing your Word in our heart and reciting it.  Thank you that no prayers are foolish to you, that we really can cast all of our cares and concerns on you, and you work, unconditionally.  Thank you for helping me to enjoy our children, and work, even when it is not physically or mentally easy.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.