Dear Men and Women who Foster:

Thank you.  Thank you for your daily decision to love a kid that needs it.  Even when you don’t have a lot of details, a lot of background, or any starting point to the “what ifs”.

And thank you for putting up with all of the blunt and not so considerate questions that come from people who mean well but may not articulate it.  I’ve been one of those people.

Those people that hear about how you got the call at 9:00pm on a weekday night to say that a child was on his or her way to your house right then, and they wonder how in the world you could say yes.  They respect that you say yes, it simply challenges them to the core and immediately they contemplate and know they may not be so willing.

Those people that barrage you with 50 scenarios in under three minutes and squirm and say “but couldn’t it get messy?” “don’t the kids have issues?” “are you going to adopt him or her?” “what if it doesn’t work out?”

There are so many questions.  Many that may never have answers.  But you decide to love anyway.

Thank you for setting such an example for us – your willingness to leap out of your comfort zone and share your physical, emotional, spiritual spheres with another little human that you have no “formal” connection too.  You decide that your decision to love is enough.   You approach each day with the focused and dedicated mindset to give, and your completion of every simple tasks shines a light to the rest of us.  You call us higher to surrender to the unknown and lay down our fears and anxieties and the need to see life wrapped up all pretty with a bow.  Each moment you decide “I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but today, today, I will love this child.”

Thank you.