Are Genocide and Feminism appropriate concepts for a 6 year old?

This post poses more questions than answers.  And if nothing else tonight, I hope I fostered a safe place for our almost 6 year old to have questions, because I am positively sure I don’t have all the answers.

We are on Spring Break.  I can say “we” because I’ve taken a couple of days off work to join in on the hiatus of usually hectic days.  Our daughter and I settled in to a little cuddle time a la Disney Movie.  It turned out to be more of a philosophy lesson.  I felt stretched, convicted, slightly nauseous truth be told.

I think the nauseous stems more from a gnawing fear of what if I can’t adequately equip her for the world we are raising her in?  (Insert deep breath here as it is not I that am to equip her, but God’s Word that has made that promise). 

And how do we help make God’s Word digestible?  For simple starters, we must return to it consistently.  Chew on it.  Ask questions, Seek.  God loves questions, He is not threatened by them.  And how our sweet daughter’s keen mind made questions tonight.  We watched the first part of the Prince of Egypt.

Ordinarily, if asked for my opinion, I would likely not advocate a conversation on genocide and feminism with a near 6 year old.  And then I had one tonight.

As we started the movie, I was on the receiving end of rich, deep, thought provoking questions that showed me how faith and reason are busy at work, even when we may not know it – like, “Mommy  –

  1. Isn’t it inappropriate to float a baby down a river?
  2. Would a bad guy really take all the babies and kill them?
  3. Why did the bad guy only take the boy babies?  Were the boy babies more important than the girl babies?
  4. Why didn’t Moses’ mommy have faith that God would help her take care of Moses and keep him?
  5. How come this movie has differences than the story I’ve heard?

Friends, I am on unfamiliar territory here.  I already joke that my kids are smarter than I.  Tonight confirms it.  Yet how exciting, how intellectually fantastic that we have a little girl who is interested in asking.  I said a little prayer and was given an immediate answer.  We turned off the movie, opened her kid version Bible and read the story together.  We answered a couple of her questions, but not all.  And somewhere in my type A personality brain, I will find peace with that, that there will be nights that we will not answer every question.

She is learning about non-fiction and fiction in her kindergarten class right now.  She likes organization and categorizing and for stuff to make sense.  In her mind, if it makes sense, if it could really happen, it is non-fiction, if it couldn’t really happen, it is fiction.   “Mommy, I don’t understand how that could happen, is the Bible fiction?”

Our beautiful Daughter, we will share our convictions with you, and be with you each step, on your faith journey.  Your question is one for us to discover, explore, discuss, read about, and pray over, because the answer is too rich for us to simply tell you and you take it at face value.  We won’t simply tell you stuff, in hopes that our words will lay out your path, because that is between you and Him.  He will and His Words can.  This is your journey, and what an awesome opportunity and responsibility to see faith, along with reason and logic develop in your growing mind.

I was convicted tonight of a couple different things – to not shy away from the awkward and the yuck.  A King a long time ago taking all the baby boys and throwing them into the river is not actually the stuff of warm and fluffy bedtime stories.   The world has awkward and yuck, more and more each day.  We can talk about it, you can ask about it, and we will ask about it, and we will read about it and pray about it.   Also, I was convicted tonight that if I start something, be prepared for the questions, and honor the questions.  I don’t need to feel a degree of worldly pressure to always have the answers, God has shown me great truths lay at the end of seasons of seeking.

Certainly, we will pray for wisdom and discernment for good timing.  Certainly, we will take heart and find peace in the seeking, each little or big question along the way.