I know, you didn’t thank me yet.

But someday I would like to think it’s coming.

The deeply reflective wave of gratitude that will come over you as you remember your childhood.

That annoying little brother?  You are welcome! He helped you –

Personalize forgiveness – THIS is what Jesus meant by 70 times 7.  Or more.

Build up resilience. I didn’t have time to read all of the trendy articles on building up resilience in you.  So sometimes I just put you in the same room as your brother, walked away, and told you to figure it out.  (Side note: problem solving will take you far in life, but different rules apply in the workforce, no wrestling!)

Get over it and Go again.  I know, he totally jacked up your beautiful creations.  That was wrong.  There were consequences.  And other beautiful results: you saw early on that there will be people who tear down.  People who act without consideration, rashly, and with no intent to see things from your perspective.  And you go back at it, regardless, and create the beauty you see again.  And again.

See Value in the Different: I remember when you were in Kindergarten and you wrote in your journal that it would be nice for your brother to go back to wherever he came from so we didn’t have him.  Your teachers laughed.  I was almost speechless.  But we talked about that even though he is very different from you, he is still family, and family are keepers.  Each keeper has value – even if their value is different: boogies, destruction, and crazy boy-ness and all.  Plus, sometimes when we persevere to appreciate the value in the different, we become better people for it, and learn to like new things (like when Spiderman became your new favorite show!)

Create a unique -ness of you.  Your role as Big Sister is one of the biggest influences on your personality.  You are you because you grew up with him.

You’re welcome.

You’re welcome that I did not read your Kindergarten journal literally and take him back. (Besides the small detail that I would have a lot of explaining to do!) 🙂