Adulting is hard, this we know.  It’s the reason we stash away cute little bottles of Moscato and Dove chocolates, fantasize about sleeping for an entire day, and huddle over a little plastic table  commiserating with a girl friend at Monkey Joe’s.

There are 4 things that I figure are pretty darn motherly and responsible which are totally missed by our sweet cherubs.  In fact, during some moments, I wonder if our 6 year old, who I really am fond of and adore, may let her head spin all the way around, inviting a darker being to emerge.

In honor of this week where we Georgians go back to school and routines start up again – just when do mine find me wicked?

  1. Flossing and brushing the teeth:  I’m on the bandwagon, friends!  Healthy gums are happy gums! I met a dental hygienist who converted me – and that enthusiasm has not yet spread throughout our entire household.  I know it is inconvenient of me, as your mother, to ask you to push pause on your extremely busy life to keep your mouth open an extra 5 minutes.  We’ll get thru this.
  2. Brushing of the hair: Yes.  We have heard of tangle spray.  We currently own 3 bottles.  Yet, why, each night, do I feel like we are reenacting that particularly poignant scene from that 80’s movie, Mommie Dearest?  I promise: no wire hangars, and yet, from the squeals, you would think differently.
  3. Encouraging you to wear your shoes on the right feet.  I know, there used to be a time where I really didn’t care if you were wearing shoes at all.  But I’m maturing.  Help me help you.  You walk funny because your feet are totally confused!
  4. Bathing/Changing clothes: Again, see point 3, in the beginning, we both smelled like milk, charming at first, and then too tiresome to care.  There wasn’t energy to sweat the small stuff, and bathing was small.  And then you crawled and toddled through germ land which was pretty gross so we bathed you frequently.  Now, you can shower – like by yourself.  I promise I am not asking you to solve the world’s problems, I’m just asking you to shower, just gently reminding you that clean underwear is NOT overrated.

Press on.  Pick your battles.  Hold Tight.  Rest confidently in your priorities.                          We have this, Friends.  I say these things to myself as I tuck in each night.  And I reassure myself.  It’s not like I’m Cruella De Vil.  There are no cute little puppies smuggled away in obscure places.  Dental floss – maybe – but no smuggled puppies.